Michael Zhang

=Visual Designer & Programmer=

"If the goal is meeting the standard, then you will always fall behind."


This has been my motto for years. 


Always aiming above the industry standard. Focus on every detail, make sure everything I produced is the highest quality my ability allows, and never miss any chance to expand my capabilities.

Development, design and art are all essentials for producing a good game, and I need to be able to handle all of them in good quality to be able to really achieve anything I have in my mind. Since 2018, I have been solely producing several games, and I have learnt a lot from them. 

Programming will always be my core ability as I can program in multiple languages for different propose. I also have solid skill in producing high-quality content using different industry-standard visual design and 3D design software.

E-mail: michael.yiqiao.zhang@gmail.com

Phone: +61 400 852 410



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